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Can you remember where you were on Wednesday, 6th July, 2005?  It was a nervous morning for adults and children across the country as we waited to hear where the Olympic Games would be held in 2012.  Stars from the world of sport waited to see whether their years of hard work would be rewarded.  This included Lord Sebastian Coe, Dame Kelly Homes and David Beckham plus hundreds of others from the sporting world.  All of them had one dream that day.  To bring the World’s most watched sporting event to our country – the Olympic Games. 

And they did it.  In 2012 we watched the Olympic Games and Paralympics take place in London.  Thousands of competitors took part from hundreds of countries around the world in many sports.

  Photograph of a gymnast  
As soon as the result was announced young people had something to aim for.  Many teenagers started thinking about what sport they would like to take part in and what they needed to do to get there.  This included eating the right foods and doing the right exercise.

You can find out more by visiting www.olympics.org.uk.

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