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A month of highs and lows
Date: 31/7/2007

Hi again,

What a month, I've had some brilliant days and some disastrous days!

Well lets start with the good stuff.  As always I have been training hard with Tom McNab at the Themes Valley athletics centre three days a week, and up until the middle of July everything was going great. I have also been doing my 'own thing' down at Bath University and am beginning to meet up with other sportspeople.  As well as athletes many other high profile sports people use these facilities.  The England Rugby team train there as do the National Netball squad, and also, somewhat surprisingly, the Skeleton Bob team who are hoping for medals in the next Winter Olympics.  This is there summer training ground but from October through to March they will be competing all over the world as the winter season gets underway.  They are a great bunch and I have even been allowed to join in with some of their sessions and it is wicked fun. Ant Sawyer who is ranked number 10 in the world used to be a decathlete and trained with Dean Macey.  He competed at Manchester in the Commonwealth games, so if heptathlon doesn't work out I can always have a go on the 'bob'!!

Onto competitions, I competed at the Bedford National Championships.  I took
part in the 100m hurdles and was the second fastest in the qualifying. Unfortunately I had a bad start in the finals (must have been asleep) but went from last over the first hurdle, to forth - just missing a medal by 2 100ths of a second.  I was pretty gutted with my start, but I technically ran well.  The fantastic part of the day was when the National Multi Events Coach asked me if I was available for an International heptathlon in France on the 4/5th of August. Was I available? You bet!!!!!!

This is great news and I canít wait to get hold of my Great Britain kit.  Next training, I tweak a ligament in my foot, panic sets in, I must be fit for France. Luckily things settle down and within a week am back to light training and within 2 weeks all is fine.  I have ordered my G.B kit, flights are booked, and all looks good! DISASTER!

Saturday night, just 10 days before France, I start getting stomach pains. I was admitted to hospital at 4am Sunday morning, operation Monday to remove my appendix.  Everything went ok, but my season is over and I miss my International for the second time in my career.  I just canít believe my luck.
Still that's life, and it makes me more determined then ever to get to the
top.  After 4 weeks rest, I hope to start up training again and intend to
have the best indoor season ever!! Wish me luck!

Luce xx

Nottingham City Council
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