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On the Mend
Date: 1/9/2007

Hi, not a very happy athlete this month, just one with a few scars and no appendix!! Still, although my season is over for this year and I have had to turn down two Internatioals and one England International at least I am on the mend. I will soon be back for winter training and can’t wait for the 2008 season to start!!

On holiday in Italy
Since leaving hospital I have been really lucky, one of my best friends and her family invited me to join them in Italy for a week and it only cost me the air fare! I had a great time and feel so much better for a week of rest in the sunshine and lots of yummy Italian food.

Back at home again and have started slowly doing my core stability and weights sessions in Bath. It’s great to be doing something sporty again and although I have been really stiff this last week, I get better everyday. I have hooked up with the skeleton bob squad again and although I have been working hard I have been having lots of fun too. Ant Sawyer, who was 7th in the decathlon in the Manchester Commonwealth Games, has also been really helpful. Using his contacts in multi-eventing and understanding what I am about has helped me tremendously. We have visited a top nutritionist that he uses and I now have a daily menu which is targeted at what ever training I am doing each day. I should get a lot stronger, meaner and leaner!!

Back in Training
We have also tried to structure my training and support team for my coming season. Tom McNab will, I hope, be in charge and liaise with my physio, performance coach and nutritionist to make sure that we are moving in the right direction. The whole exercise has made me more motivated, if that is possible, and I really feel that next season will be my best ever.

One other little bit of news, a bit hush hush!! I have a man with a “magic box” from Russia which should help my injury situation. He has been treating me once a week for nearly 3 weeks and many of my niggling aches and pains have almost gone. It is all to do with ultra sound and lasers that can stimulate the healing process. There are only six ‘magic boxes’ in the country – so I am very lucky! They are widely used by the athletic community in Russia, so I thought it was worth a go!  Fingers crossed for fewer injuries next season.

Well, that’s all for now, keep fit, keep healthy!!

Love Luce xx

Nottingham City Council
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