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Leon attends the Gold Ball
Date: 26/10/2007

Leon and Pete at Leeds Training Camp
Well itís been a very busy month since I last wrote my blog.  I donít know where the time goes.  However I have found a few spare moments to write this blog whilst I am on lunch at a diving training camp at a new pool in Leeds.  It is a four day synchronised diving camp where I meet and train with some of the countryís best divers. 

In my last blog I mentioned that I was attending a World Record attempt in Hackney.  This was a synchronised swimming event where over 100 girls took part.  They were aiming to create the largest mass participation synchronized swimming routine ever.  It was called ĎThe Big Syncí and was the last event in Londonís Summer of Sport.  I was asked to attend and compere it.  This meant I had to tell the spectators what was happening, which was a little tricky as my knowledge of synchronised swimming is quite limited, but it was great fun. 

Later in the month I put on my speaker hat and attended a ĎSpeakers for Businessí Conference.  This was held in Central London, very close to the Houses of Parliament.  It was a big event with over 200 people attending and there were some big names there so it was great experience for me.  This is an area

Houses of Parliament
I really want to focus on when I stop competing after Beijing

The highlight of my month was on 2nd October.  I attended the British Olympic Association

Leon at the ball
(BOA) Gold Ball.  This was a fundraising event to raise money for the BOA and it was a fantastic night.  There were 50 tables which were bought by businesses and on each table there was an Olympic medallist.  This included people like Dame Mary Peters, Lord Seb Coe and Sir Matthew Pinsent.  There was even an athlete who competed in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964.  The ball was held at the Natural History Museum in London, so imagine being sat in the Great Hall surrounded by so many well-known athletes and having a giant dinosaur model towering above you.
At the Gold Ball
You can see it in my pictures, it looked very impressive.  The BOA asked me to say Grace before the meal and I was introduced by HRH Princess Anne.  I like to think that Princess Anne was actually warming the audience up before I spoke!!!

Although my spare time has been limited I have enjoyed a few events this month.  I am a big basketball fan and the new season is underway so I have been to watch the Sheffield Sharks competing.  This is a great way for me to relax and unwind after training.  Like many people in England I have also been following the nationís rugby team in the World Cup and was very excited when they got to the final.  I am a really big rugby fan and was proud of how the team battled their way to the finals.  They improved so much from the game against South Africa in the group stages.  Obviously it is disappointing that we didnít win the World Cup again but it was great to watch some good rugby and see our country get as far as they did. 

Watching the Cirque Du Soleil
Have you heard of the Cirque du Soleil?  This is known as the greatest circus in the world and they were touring at the Hallam FM arena in Sheffield.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for this event and it was amazing to watch!  Iíd definitely recommend seeing it sometime. 

Anyway back to the day job.  Training is going well at the moment.  I am competing at an event in a few weeks so I am building up to that.  It is on the 5th and 6th November at Ponds Forge Pool in Sheffield.  Team GB will compete against the diving team from Germany so that is my main focus at the moment.  The bad news is it is just a couple of days after my 30th birthday so I wonít be able to celebrate turning 30 until after the competition.  I will be able to tell you how the competition (and my 30th birthday) went in my November blog. 

The downside is I picked up a slight injury in my back last weekend.  It is nothing too

Leon in training
serious but I am having some physio on it to ensure that I am in good shape for the competition.  Perhaps it is really because of my age - now that I am approaching 30!!!!!

Anyway, thatís about it for me this month but come back soon to find out how the competition went and to read what else I have been up to.

Take care


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