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Introducing Libby
Date: 27/1/2008
Hi, my name is Libby Clegg and I am 17 years old. I am the eldest of four; I have got a sister, Felicity, and two brothers James and Stephen. I live in a small village called Newcastleton which is in the Scottish Borders. I am originally from Cheshire but I have lived in Scotland for 6 years now. I am registered blind and I go to the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh which means I weekly board as it is too far for me to travel every day. My two bothers also go to the same school as me as they too have the same eye condition. I first came to the Royal Blind School in S1 which is year 8 in England. I am in my final year in school and I am going to be sitting English and Biology. I also have lots of friends who I get on really well with.

Currently I am in the Great Britain Athletics Squad and I run the 100 and 200 metres. My favourite distance is the 200 metres though. At the moment I train 6 times a week doing 3 weight sessions and 2 track sessions. I also do a run in the village at the weekend. On Monday I train in Glasgow with Red Star which is a disability squad. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays I train in the gym doing weight sessions. On Thursdays I train at Meadow Bank doing a track session with Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ladies and on Sundays I do a 30 minute run. I have three coaches: Janice who coaches me in Glasgow, Bob who coaches me in Edinburgh and Neil who coaches me at the gym.

When I run I have a guide runner, his name is Lincoln. I have only been running with him for 18 months now. He lives in Birmingham and trains with me when he can, which is mainly in the summer when I am not at school. Lincoln and I are attached together by a rubber band when we run together. This is so he keeps me in my lane as I cannot see the white lines on the track. Some people use different things to attach them such as strong pieces of string. We run in sync with each other so our running is smooth and it makes it much easier to run. We both start off the blocks together, so if one of us does a false start, it counts. As I have a guide runner, I get two lanes; this is because two people can't get in one lane. I prefer Lincoln to be on my left-hand side as it is more comfortable. However this is a disadvantage for me, especially in the 200 metres because I have to start at his starting point, this means I am really running 204 metres. I have had a go at running on the right but it doesn't feel right. Lincoln is basically there to make sure I don't go into someone else's lane. He also has to make sure that I cross over the finish line before he does as I can get disqualified if he crosses before me.

I really enjoy running as it makes me feel good, I find it a good way to release stress. I do other things as well, when I have the time. I listen to music and I like chilling out with my friends. This month I haven't really been doing a lot. I went back to school on the 7th January and I missed the first day back. This was because we had bad weather and we couldn't get to school because of the snow. I wasn't bothered though, I wasn't looking forward to going back. Also I was getting back into the swing of things with training as I was ill over Christmas and New Year. Hopefully for the rest of this month I will have time to go to a West Coast Swing dance class. I heard from my strength and conditioning coach that it is good fun. I'm really looking forward to it as it is something different for a change.

Not much has happened this month, next month should be more interesting!!!!

Nottingham City Council
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