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Tom Daley at the Olympics
Date: 17/9/2008
  Tom by the pool  
I am writing this as I prepare to head to Germany for the World Junior Championships. It's hard to know where to start as so much has happened since I last wrote but I will begin with the Olympic Games.

I arrived at the Olympic Village on 27th July. And to be honest I was totally blown away. It was the biggest and most amazing thing I have ever seen. Tall buildings, giant cinemas, 24 hour cafes. Everything you saw was so bright and colourful. I have been to the Water Cube once before for a test event but it looked so different this time. Everything was really bright and colourful.

The whole of Beijing had an amazing feel to it. Local people really got behind all the athletes, no matter what sport or country they were from. Everyone respected you. If they saw you wearing a tracksuit they would want pictures, autographs and the chance to meet you. It really was overwhelming. The only way to describe my Olympic experience was the ‘best month of my life'.

  Tom and Tania  
After the Opening Ceremony I had to focus on the synchronised event which I was competing in with my diving partner, Blake Aldridge. We have dived much better than we did that day so were disappointed from that point of view but I just loved the experience. I couldn't feel sad about anything.

  Tom out and about  
It was then back to the pool and gym to continue training for the individual event that was taking place in their last few days of the games. I did have a day off on the 14th August. This was great because the diving team went to visit the Great Wall of China. We got a cable car up to the top and a toboggan down. It was great fun and nice to be able to see some of the country's history.

On the 21st August I started my individual campaign. As I went through the rounds my diving improved as my nerves settled. Again I have dived better than I did in the final but it was my first Olympic Games so I am happy with how I did overall.

Coming home from the Olympic Games was an amazing experience too. Everyone wanted to congratulate you and hear about your time out there. A few weeks ago I attended the EA launch party for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 game. I met Rupert Grint and other stars of Harry Potter, plus Ashley Cole and Dizzee Rascal. I was also interviewed on the TV show, Sound and met McFly and the presenters Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw.

I have gone back to school now. It's a bit strange as at lunchtime I have to sign autographs for lots of people, especially the Year 7 girls. My friends find it very amusing that I am seen as a celebrity as to them I am just ‘normal Tom'. It is really nice to get back to normal and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Now I get ready to compete in the 14 to 15 years age group at the World Junior Championships. At the end of the month I am attending the Pride of Britain Awards, which will be a really special evening.

Right that's it for me this month. Thanks for reading.

Tom x

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