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Snowed in from training
Date: 31/1/2009

Wow, 2009 already and Beijing seems like a million miles away. I had a great Christmas break and am enjoying a few weeks of learning new tricks before I climb back on the routine trail. The European Championships are coming up at the end of March and there are a few hundred practice exercises to get through. I've been enjoying the snow and on the 3 days that I couldn't actually get to the gym because I was snowed in, had a great time sliding around and throwing snowballs at some mates! The weather's been quite bad up here in Peterborough and I spent an hour and a half one day crawling up the motorway to get to training...

I did my first ever fashion shoot last week and had a great time. I was dressed up in thousand pound suits and classy shoes and then told to swing around the kit and throw somersaults. I think the pictures will be great but it was strange doing gymnastics in such posh clothes. I even got to keep 3 of the shirts so now have something to wear when I'm out on the Town!

Just this weekend gone I was also down in London helping some youngsters out who are interested in gymnastics but don't necessarily have the access to the facilities needed to progress. That was great fun and it was really rewarding having the chance to use my experience to help to inspire others in the sport.

We have some camps now at our National Training Centre at Lilleshall and our selection event for the European Champs at the end of February. Better get moving.....

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