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A busy start to the year for Daniel
Date: 28/2/2010
The year began with my birthday on the 4th January where I had a few friends round to celebrate with me. It was a fairly relaxed celebration as I have a busy few weeks coming up with training. A few days later I attended a training camp in Lilleshall with other British gymnasts and teams from Japan and Canada. The aim of this was for us to get back into the swing of training after the Christmas break and to develop new skills. It was also a chance for us to see what the other countries are doing. This training was really tough as we were training twice a day every day and after time off for my holiday in Florida and then Christmas ,it was hard work!

At the beginning of February I went to Mexico to take part in a training camp with Canadian gymnasts. It was good to get away and train somewhere different. We also had a small, friendly competition and this was a good opportunity for me to assess how things were going. I am delighted to say Team GB won so we were pleased with this. The weather was brilliant so whilst the UK faced the cold and snow, I was enjoying the Mexican sunshine. However the training was really hard in the heat and I was training from 9am till 5pm every day.

People often ask how I got into gymnastics. It all started when I was five when my dad was a kick boxer. He took me along to his club to try and get me involved but I couldn't start kick boxing straight away. So instead I went to the gymnastics club to get flexible for the kick boxing, but I enjoyed it so much that I stuck to it. I started competing when I was just nine years old.

After Mexico I was back in the UK in time for Valentines Day and took my girlfriend out for a meal before heading back to Lilleshall for another get together. This was for a full week and was a chance for the coaches to see how everyone was doing. With competitions looming, we were mainly focusing on getting our routines up to scratch rather than learning new skills. When I am training this much it's important that I continue to eat a balanced diet as when you are training every day you need to make sure you are getting plenty of protein to build muscle strength.

In a few days I will be going to America for five days to take part in the American Cup. This is an all round competition where eight gymnasts have been invited. The week after there is a competition in London called the London Open. This is a trial for the European Team to be selected so is an important event for me. The European Championships is the third largest event in the gymnastics calendar. This year it's taking place in Birmingham at the National Indoor Arena from 21st April.

Well, I best get ready for my trip to America for my first competition of the year. The first one is always the hardest so come back soon to find out how my March competitions went.
See how first few competitions of the year went in next months blog

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