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At the National Championships 2011
Date: 14/2/2011
Since my last blog I have been very busy training ahead of the National Championships. These took place in Southend at the end of January.

At the beginning of the year I was told I would be partnering Tom Daley in the synchronised diving event at this year's competition. Tom and I haven't dived together in the synchronised event before and needed to practise so a week before we attended a training camp in Leeds. There we practised a new dive that we have both been learning separately. It's a really difficult dive with a tariff of 3.7 so it was important we worked hard on this. We were pleased with how the training camp went and could go into the National Championships with confidence.

So on to the actual event. Well the nationals went really well for me. First Tom and I competed in the synchronised competition which I am pleased to say we won. We didn't perform the new dive as well as we could have done but for a first competition with the pressure and nerves we were pleased. It has given us some things to focus on ahead of this year's international events and we are looking forward to working together to improve. Our score was only five points behind the winning score in the Commonwealth Games so it's given us a good base to work on.

The next day I was competing against Tom in the individual event. I won the preliminary round but had a shaky start in the final. After three dives I was in third place and around 50 points behind the gold medal position. However my next three dives were on the money and I won the event. This is the second year running that I have won this competition and it's a fantastic start to my year. It's given me the confidence I need ahead of a year of big events and the start of qualification for 2012.

I am now working towards the World Series events in Russia, Mexico, Sheffield and China. We then have a Grand Prix in America and the World Championships in Shanghai in July.

On a personal level it was my son's birthday last weekend, and he had a swimming party with lots of inflatable equipment in the pool. Then on the Sunday he played football and we went go karting in the afternoon. We really enjoyed celebrating and it was lovely to have some family time after all the hard work training and mentoring which I still do part-time.

Well this is my final blog for now so I hope you have enjoyed reading it and seeing my pictures and videos. I have really enjoyed writing these and being part of the site.

Keep an eye out in the news to see how my competitions have gone this year.

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