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Getting back into competitions
Date: 15/5/2012
The last few years have been tough for me. I picked up a serious injury and didn't compete for 19 months on all four pieces of apparatus. At the start of the year training was going really well and I was looking forward to getting straight back in to full competitions.

The English Championships took place at the beginning of March and my aim was to compete in all four events. Things were going well until February when I started getting some pain in my foot. This wasn't down to a bad landing or anything, we think it was simply due to the amount of work I was trying to do. When the event came round I was only able to compete in Bars and Beam which was disappointed. I finished in third place in the Bars and completed my Beam routine well which was great considering I had only had a week to work on it after the problems with my foot. However I was back competing so was feeling positive that things were heading in the right direction.

The European Trials took place at the beginning of April and my aim was to compete in all four events there. In the build up to the event my foot was healing and training was going really well. The week before I attended a national training camp and whilst warming up on the floor I had a bad landing. This caused another problem with my foot. I was just so upset and frustrated as I was only two days away from competing in the trials. It wasn't a serious injury so I had to keep positive and I just competed in the Bars. The routine went really well other than I had a fall on my dismount. However this routine has been two years in the making so to complete it well was fantastic news.

Less than two weeks later I was at a national trials and things looked good for me to compete in three events. However on the second day of camp I woke up with a watering eye. This may not sound like a major problem but I couldn't even put my contact lenses in so was struggling to see. I was absolutely gutted. Despite the eye, foot and back problems I had I still managed to compete and considering everything was against me it went pretty well. However it did make me realise that my body was struggling to cope with everything I was putting it through and I needed to give my body chance to recover.

My coaches and I decided I would take some time out from competing and I am currently at home just training and resting. Things are going well in all apparatus which is great, It's never ideal to take time off when competing at this level but in an Olympic year it is even harder. However I want to be able to compete when the time is right and if I keep pushing myself this won't be possible.

In the last few months I have also done a shoot for Vogue with a fellow Team GB gymnast, Hannah Whelan ahead of a special edition they are running in June. I also was lucky enough to be involved in the Adidas Kit Launch. This was a real honour as it was an historic event and there was so much media interest. Personally I love the kit and think Stella McCartney has done a fantastic job.

As well as my gymnastics I design leotards and I am getting ready to launch my third collection with Milano pro sports. I think this is my favourite collection yet and have enjoyed doing the photo shoots to promote them.

Make sure you come back in June to see how things have been going for me.


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