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Why Bother?

You have heard it in the news time and time again.  Obesity in young people is becoming more of a problem.  The health effects that obesity and leading an inactive lifestyle causes can be very serious.  You may think it doesn’t matter at the moment but by the time we become adults all the damage is done. 

The best cure for obesity is prevention.  Whilst you are young you should get into the habit of enjoying exercise so it is more likely you will continue this when you grow older.

But exactly why should you bother and what are the benefits of all the hard work?

  • If you exercise regularly you will get fitter and have more stamina which means you will perform better in PE and at sports clubs. 

      Photograph of a cyclist  
    Many physical activities allow us to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Who wants to be stuck indoors?

  • Exercise helps you to meet new people by joining groups such as netball and football teams.

  • You will have more energy to spend time with your friends on a night and weekend if you take regular exercise.

  • Taking exercise reduces stress, improves concentration and releases feel good chemicals from the brain.  It will help keep you smiling even when that dreaded essay needs writing. 

      Photograph of Lucy Boggis  
    Exercising improves your posture which makes you appear taller and more confident.

  • If you look good and feel good you will concentrate at school better and have more energy to enjoy life to the full.

  • Your heart becomes stronger and your lungs more efficient when you exercise which decreases the chance of getting heart disease.

  • By taking regular exercise you will increase your bone density which helps prevent illnesses such as osteoporosis when you get older. 

  • Taking exercise helps keep your arteries clear to prevent cholesterol and blood pressure problems. Nobody wants clogged up arteries.

  • Exercise increases your muscle density and metabolic rate which will decrease the risk of obesity.
So why not put on your sports gear and start improving your health today? 
Nottingham City Council
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