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You’re No 1

It is cool to help others but to be able to do that you need to be fit and well yourself.  Looking after Number 1 is all about taking care of yourself, eating the right foods and getting some exercise.

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Your health matters and sometimes you don’t realise this until something goes wrong.  We’ve all been there before.  Tucked under the duvet with a stinking cold, missing out on that great party or cinema trip you’d been so looking forward to.   Feels like you are never going to get better doesn’t it? 

Everyone tells you to try and eat something and keep drinking plenty of fluids.  Well this is because it really does help! Honest!  By eating the right food and drinking plenty of water there is less chance of you getting sick.

Get more info about the right foods to eat, read why you should bother plus find information to support your friends.  Plus get some top tips from people your own age and send us your own.

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